Headquartered in Southern California, in one of the fastest growing senior markets, Green Leaf Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. has gained recognition as an industry leader in the senior product marketplace.

We use our years of experience to serve our independent agents and agencies with personalized service, live support, continuous training, lead programs, access to sought-after insurance products, a state-of-the-art quoting engine, and an innovative sales management system.

We offer top-level commissions and prompt delivery of payment to our agent and agency partners.

If you are looking to grow your business, reach out to existing clients in new ways, partner with an industry leader, or just try something new…contact our team today.

Keep your independence and join a team that is dedicated to supporting and growing your business.

Agency Principle Testimonials…

We love working with Green Leaf! They always go the extra mil to ensure our agency and agents are taken care of.
Agency Principle (Salt Lake City, UT), Company
I’ve been working with Green Leaf for many years now. They have exceeded my expectations for agent training, paying commissions, and overall agent support. This is very rare in the insurance agency world. I recommend Green Leaf to everyone from individual agents to agencies looking for an FMO/Agency that they can rely on for many years.
Agency Principle (Corona, CA)
I have had the pleasure of working with Green Leaf for roughly the last year. They have gone the extra mile to make sure my agency and agents are prepared. They even took the time to meet agents with enrollment supplies in the field in multiple different cities to accommodate our heavy schedule. They’ve been very diligent in making sure that agents are paid correctly and on time and have always been available to listen to my concerns and plan for opportunities.
Agency Principle (Riverside, CA)
My agency has had the pleasure of working with Green Leaf for almost two y ears now. Our interactions with the firm and staff have been dealt with professional courtesy. They are attentive and supportive to the needs of the field agents. Any unforeseen business issues that arise are handled diligent and expeditiously.
Agency Principle (Stockton, CA)

Independent Agent Testimonials…

I’ve been an agent for a few years now with Green Leaf and their staff have been so helpful during AEP and throughout the year. Chris has been a blessing, he is there any time of the day with answers to my questions or an ear to just listen, he never makes me feel like he’s too busy and he’s quick to get back to you and I appreciate that. I got to know Larissa during AEP. She is so on top of things that she’s saved me a number of times and I am so grateful to her and her willingness to go the extra mile. They have put together some wonderful events that I have been a part of and really made me feel like I am part of the Green Leaf family. I have worked with other GA’s and now I work with just one – Green Leaf!
Independent Agent (Murrieta, CA), Company
Green Leaf is a source of professional sales information and support. They are available at the touch of a button so I can concentrate on what matters most – Selling. Marketing materials and commission payments have always been on time.
Independent Agent (La Quinta, CA)
I was looking for a General Agency partner that had resources and tools to help me grow my business. I have been working with Green Leaf for over 4 years. They have been very supportive in training, certifications, and providing products and services so I can meet my clients needs and grow my business. It is nice to be part of an organization that truly cares for my success and always seems to be looking for ways to help regardless of how big or small the scenario.
Independent Agent (Elk Grove, CA)
I have been partnered with Green Leaf for many years. They have been a source of professional sales information and support. Best of all, commission payments have never been an issue.
Independent Agent (Moreno Valley, CA)
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